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Member's FAQ

Q: How much is a subscription to MandiSteele.com?
A: A monthly subscription is $14.95 charged via CCBill which will be set to auto-renew each month until you cancel.

Q: What do I get for paying $14.95 a month?
A: Complete and full access to my vast library of photosets. Currently,we have over 15,000 hi-res photos in the Member's Area along with other goodies such as mini-movie clips, photostories, and lots more on the way!

Q: Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
A: Yes, you can cancel the recurring billing at anytime by logging onto CCBill, selecting the Subscription Creation transaction, and cancelling it. You are in complete control of the recurring payments.

Q: How long after I cancel will I still have access?
A: Your access to the members area will remain active for a month after the day you signed up. .

Q: I have a billing problem when I signed up? What do I do?
A: If you encounter any errors or suspect charges, PLEASE contact us directly at administrator@mandisteele.com, and we will fix any billing problems ASAP!

Q: Can I share my password with others?
A: Well, you can if you want your username and IP blocked! The Steeleverse sites are now equipped with automated password and DOS software that detects logins from multiple locations and automatically shuts down your account for a short interval for first time infractions. Continued violations result in the account and IP getting forwarded to CCBill for filtering. Sharing your password with others or not keeping it secure will only hurt you in the long run!

Q: Am having a hard time getting in touch with you -- my emails are getting bounced back!
A: If you are having a hard time contacting me at mandi@mandisteele.com, you can use either administrator@mandisteele.com or mandi_steele@yahoo.com.