I'm 25 years old, and a full-time college student. I was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm single, and I work part time as a cocktail waitress. On my down time I enjoy roller blading, hiking, camping, wakeboarding and just about any other outdoors hobby you can think of. On the flip side I also enjoy reading. My choice of literature often surprises people. I am a huge fan of comics and superheroines. My favorite being That girl with the "S" shield -- I often imagine myself as her. I love the idea of being an invincible, beautiful, badass.

My long-term goal in life is to graduate, take six months to backpack across Europe and excel in my career as an accountant.

On a personal level I really enjoy the company of children animals, good friends and family.


Food: Velveeta Shells & Cream (Who has time to cook w/a schedule like mine)

Color: Yellow (It's bright and cheerful much like myself.)

Band: Korn

Pet: Iguanas


Onions, pessimistic people, and men who talk more than they listen.